Lego Marvel Super Heroes The Avengers The Hulk (4530) (age: 6 - 12 Years)

Consumer Rating Reviews 4
Lego 4530 age 6
Lego Marvel Super Heroes The Avengers The Hulk 4530 age 6 12 Years Image 1


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I plan to share with you this great Lego set called manufactured by Lego Lego. I in fact liked that the item has the feature of build bigger figures with the exclusive high friction joints. The Super Hero Lego set weighs close to 0.88 lbs. To get the same low price I discovered, check out our store add to cart button below.

Send villains flying with the Hulk's powered up super strength with this LEGO Super Heroes The Hulk (4530) Ultrabuild! Those villains had better not make Hulk angry; they wouldn't like him when he's angry! His super strength and scientific brain are just what the mighty Avengers need to rid the world of evil super villains. The Hulk is ready for action with his powered up armour!


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