Lego Super Heroes Captain America 4597

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Super Heroes Captain America 4597
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I plan to share with you this fun Lego set called. In my opinion you will like that the item comes with this feature, build bigger figures with the exclusive high friction joints. Other highlights include battle with the bladed shield. It's 10.31"H x 5.55"L x 1.89"W. It has got a weight of 0.5 lbs. Where to buy the Super Heroes Captain . To get the best offer for this Super Hero Lego set as well as other Super Hero Legos, check out our partners via the button below.

Shield the world against any danger with powered up Captain America! Captain America is a lot a lot more powerful than ever with his powered up suit, indestructible bladed Vibranium shield and professional martial arts and boxing abilities. Alongside the other mighty Avengers, Captain America is going to show the super villains of the world that they messed with all the incorrect guy!


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